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Better places to live

We need to do more to provide the truly affordable homes we need – particularly in the countryside. But it’s vital that the right kinds of houses are built in the right places.

What gets built and where

The places we live should provide us with access to everything we need for a good quality of life.

Planning decisions affect us all, yet we often have very little input. We want planning to be fairer, engage communities and protect the countryside as well as regenerate our towns and villages.

Homes people can afford

We all have the right to a home we can afford to live in, wherever we are.

We want everyone in the countryside to have a fair chance in life, whatever their circumstances. To make this a reality, we need to ensure there are enough low-cost homes to rent or buy in our villages and market towns.

Cleaner countryside

Litter spoils our enjoyment of the countryside and can be harmful for wildlife and people. We’re working towards a litter-free countryside for everyone.

We want to reduce litter and empower communities to clean and celebrate their much-loved landscapes. Join us in making our countryside healthy, clean and tranquil.