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Sustainable transport

Transport is a key element which we need to tackle in our fight to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2045. The countryside will play a vital role in meeting this challenge and transport is a key area where change is necessary.

We must address car dependency and improve rural public transport, as well as planning for truly sustainable development so that people can access local services by foot, cycling or public transport instead of having to drive.

Local transport

We want everyone to have genuine, sustainable travel choices, keeping cars off the road and pollution out of the atmosphere.

We know that sustainable public transport options can be really lacking in rural areas, and the transport sector currently accounts for the largest share of UK greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why we’re working hard to advocate for local transport improvements, improving connectivity and reducing loneliness, isolation and access for everyone.


We promote alternatives to car travel and road-building in local areas, so that we can all get around easily, sustainably and more healthily.

Rather than easing it, new roads can actually generate more traffic and therefore pollution. We promote alternatives to car travel and road-building in rural areas, and support making existing roads greener and investing more in public transport alternatives as well as cycling and walking instead.